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1878 Club formed. Played on farmer’s field near Portland colliery.
1900 Moved to Sutton Road, Kirkby. Ground rented from Duke of Portland.
1908 Notts. Senior League Champions.
1919 Notts. Senior League Champions.
1921 Notts. Senior League Champions and Notts. Senior League Cup Winners.Duke of Portland offered KPCC the chance to buy the ground
but they could not afford to.
1922 Notts. Senior League Champions. New Hucknall Colliery Company purchased ground for Bentinck Colliery.
1923 Bentinck Colliery Cricket Club moved onto ground leaving KPCC without a pitch. KPCC reluctantly agreed to merge with Bentinck Colliery CC.
1966 was evicted from the Colliery Ground. KPCC played friendly games only, away to other teams.
1968 Commenced playing at Linby Colliery Ground on annual rental basis. KPCC started playing league cricket again in Notts Amateur League
1977 1st Eleven moved to Kingsway Park. 2nd Eleven moved to Annesley Welfare. Both on an annual rental basis.
1978 Celebrated Centenary with match against local celebrities.

Took out 20 Year Lease on Nuncargate Cricket Ground which had lain barren for a number of years.

1979 Notts Amateur League Division 3 Winners
1979- Prepared the new Cricket Ground, including the laying of a new cricket square and the erecting of
1985  a prefabricated building as pavilion.
1981 Notts Amateur League Division 1 Runners Up
1982 Joined Mansfield Evening League - KO Cup Winners
1983 KPCC 2nd Eleven played the first match on the renovated ground.
1984 Derbyshire Cup Runners Up
1986 Officially opened new ground featuring match against local celebrities.
1987 Derbyshire Cup Winners
1990 Purchased Nuncargate Cricket Ground on freehold basis.
1992 Joined the newly formed Mansfield Youth Cricket League.
1995 Joined South Notts Village League and won Division 2 in the same year.
2000 After restructuring of league promoted from Section 1E as runners up.
2000 New Sunday XI formed to join Mansfield District League.
2002 New Brick Pavilion built, named in honour of Harold Larwood, officially opened by EnidTodd, Harold Larwood’s daughter. Played match
against local celebrities to commemorate.
2003 Recognised as England & Wales Cricket Board Focus Club.
2004 2nd Sunday XI formed.
2005 Awarded England & Wales Cricket Board / Sport England ‘Clubmark’ status.
2006 Saturday 3rd XI formed to introduce juniors to adult cricket. This team play at Newstead Abbey ground.
Saturday 1st XI promoted to Section B of South Notts. Cricket League, as Champions and Sunday 1st XI promoted to Premiership
of Mansfield Sunday League. 3rd XI promoted in first season.
2007 Saturday 2nd XI and Sunday 2nd XI promoted.

2009 Saturday 1st XI promoted to Division B of South Notts Cricket League

2012 Sunday 1st  X1 promoted to Premier Division

Harold Larwood on his last visit to England

Harold Larwood, who was a member of the England team caught up in the Bodyline Series of 1932/33, started his playing career on our Cricket ground.